Click the "Tim" link to view a collage of this great man's life, as well as, some of the people he loved. May it help you remember, grieve and heal: 

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FYI, Tim was a very close friend of mine. I met him at St. Cloud State in my sophomore year. He was a consummate (and unapologetic) extrovert.
As most of us know, he loved to talk! Tim was smart, articulate and passionate about things (and people) that were important to him, especially his Mom,
Bernice. He talked about her often with great love and respect. 

Before college, Tim was in several bands around town including Emerald City, a Marsh Productions band. He later became a fellow musician of mine in two bands in college (he was a drummer/lead singer and I was a keyboardist/lead singer) We had many gigs (mainly high school homecomings and proms) that were of course accompanied by pre-gig vocal rehearsals aided by some Budweiser's. (in semi-moderation because we all wanted to sound good)

Tim was a consistent source of great encouragement in anything I was pursuing including my then girlfriend and now wife of 32 years, Denise. 

After graduating, our careers taxed our time but we kept in touch over the years. In 2012, we invited him to meet us at Lake Minnetonka for an afternoon out on our boat. Tim was in great health then and he was looking forward to the next phase of his life. Though he possessed a very private faith in Jesus:
It was intact, so my heart can only be hurt so much...knowing I'll see him again. His funeral service was a wonderful celebration w/family & friends sharing.

My best memory was of his sharing memories about his dad, who died when he was just a kid: Tim told me he couldn't say the word, "whiskers" when touching his dad's face so Tim would call them, "Wickers." To this day, that story makes me joyful. I had the same affection for my dad, who like Tim, awaits me in Heaven.

*Re: the video above. John Flink & I met at Tim's house after the celebration of his life, then spent some time talking and going thru photos. I then sifted, sorted and scanned them to get to our son, Jonathan, who is a professional videographer and editor. We hope that is blesses those who view it! Greg