Because of the enormous amount of inaccurate and/or extreme Bible teachings on TV, online and print...Greg was given the God-assignment of writing a 300+ page, "pull no punches," book on sound doctrine and controversial topics called, The Real Deal (Following Jesus 101) published by Author House. Click here to peruse. If you're like most, you'll want the book in your hands:

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Many have discovered how incredibly valuable this 15-year study and labor of love, resource book is. You'll want your own copy, as well as, for your Bible study group, church library and as a ministry gift to those pondering the bigger questions of life. It is written in a simple, "let's talk over coffee," Q & A format. The book comes in multiple formats, paperback, hardcover & ebook for iPads, notebooks and Kindles.


Chapters and topics:

  1. Surrendering And Pushing Reset  (Making the big decision)
  2. Remodeling  (Renewing The Mind)
  3. Mission: Impossible  (Finding A Perfect Church)
  4. Burying Yourself  (Water Baptism)
  5. Power: Don't Leave Home Without It  (The Baptism With The Holy Spirit)
  6. **This chapter is being revised: Old T. tithe is NOT a New T mandate. Too many preachers have this wrong**
  7. The Hem Of His Garment  (Healing: Questions, Answers, Controversies And Mysteries)
  8. Once Saved, Always Saved?  (Eternal Security Vs. Personal Apostasy)
  9. The Two Shall Become One Flesh (God's Design For Passion And Intimacy)
10. The Wine Question  (Abstinence--Temperance--Excess)
11. #1 Military Strategy  (Know Your Enemy)
12. Jesus Is God, Sparky! (The Deity Of Christ)
Whoosh Kaboom "Where'd They Go?
(The Rapture and The Second Coming)  

About the book: Written in a "Coffee talk with the Pastor," format:  

In everyone's life there comes a time when they go on a God search, which usually involves listening to a religious experts, talking to those who've done their own God search and maybe checking out some churches. You watch 60 Minutes and a supposed 'religious expert' says one thing about what the Bible really says and then a month later, a different expert states just the opposite. (Most people think, O.K. What's up with that?)

You read about Christians being put in Roman coliseums with lions because they refuse to denounce their King, missionaries in third world countries dying for their faith, study martyrs over the last twenty centuries being killed for the cause only to watch stories of TV preachers living lavish lifestyles of jets, limousines and mansions and say to yourself, What's wrong with this picture?

In looking through the yellow pages for a local church hoping to find a safe one, most wonder, You've got to be kidding me? There's thousands of em? If everybody's worshipping the same Lord, why are they so many denominations? Who's right? Is anybody right?" (All good questions to be asking) 

So, with all the religious experts and authorities out there from one extreme to another, this book was written with a Just the facts approach without all the theological rhetoric or indoctrinated conclusions, so people can make up their own minds about salvation, heaven, hell, sound doctrine, angels, demons, end-times, prophecies, knowing the Lord vs. church membership, as well as, the character of God.

The Real Deal is all about Jesus and what it means to follow Him. To billions, He's the Savior of mankind. To billions of others even after thousands of years of debate He's still very controversial, misquoted, misunderstood and often gets a negative or hostile reaction. So just who is He? Is He really the God-man i.e. The Real Deal or just a good teacher or prophet?

The Biblical insights to all these relevant questions, especially in a crazy, confusing, 9/11, violent world, are in this no non-sense, straight ahead, pull no punches examination of Christianity by Greg Haage, a successful professional musician and recording artist who's now in ministry called to counsel and train others in the faith with one goal in mind: Getting people free from religious works or denominational duties and pointing them to the One who made the footprints in the sand.

About the Author:

"Pastor Greg Haage is a very committed person and has a hunger for the Word of God. His life is ever changing according to what he has studied and the fruit of that is evident in his life and his writings. I know him to be a man of strong convictions, moral character and I truly believe he is a genuine support to ministers, complementing the word of the Lord, turning to the Bible to be his guide. He is open to the Spirit to use him in many ways and has demonstrated that with the completion of "The Real Deal."

I believe God will use Greg's book and ministry to reach those that are badly bruised. To speak the hope and mercy of God to them, for there are many wounded who need healing in their souls. In this "labor of love" book, he is gentle in prodding people to the higher walk with the Lord yet speaks with authority in addressing things like legalism and "religiousity."

Greg both formulates and communicates very well and always gets to the "the heart of the matter." He's done us all a great service by including the original words and their meanings, with the multitude of scriptures he has examined. Actual texts, concordance and expository dictionary words along with his Spirit led insights, will make you really understand what it means to follow Jesus. I believe it's a much needed "cutting edge" work for both the seeker and the disciple. It's a wealth of knowledge in one book."

Rev. Alan Winter,
Atlanta, GA

We who call ourselves Christians are often found arguing over our beliefs. Reading The Real Deal was very refreshing, as Greg Haage does a great job of providing clear and understandable insights that will help those who have struggled with some of today's more volatile issues. Greg has truly expressed his passion for those in the church, as well as, a rare sensitivity for those observing the church from outside its stained glass windows along with compassion for those who've been wounded by its teachings and leaders. His tender yet piercing style makes this an enjoyable read as he opens up the exciting aspects of God's Word that have caused some to question and some to go to extremes.

Personally, as a Pastor, I find Greg's insights quite helpful in bringing a very much-needed balance to today's communicating of the Gospel and he delivers this in a very contemporary, palatable literary style. You'll never regret spending time learning and applying this balanced look, that is conveyed in Greg's exhaustive study of our Christian faith, different Bible translations and the original texts.  Allow The Real Deal to aid your walk with the Lord as I have so it can have true substance and not just be a mere religious episode.

Pastor Paris Pasch,
Christ's Family Church
Hastings, Minnesota

Free Preview:
PREFACE (To those who have been traditionally taught and denominationally trained)

Here we are: The USA, the land of the free and home of the brave. It's a great country overall and I love it here. The founding fathers were brilliant thus all of our amazing documents, all based on the Bible. It’s now, however, a challenged America. Church scandals and splits plus controversies still get in the news, along with, the political landscape being full of vitriol and spin.


Opinion-based news platforms vs. the actual facts are prevalent. Government entities twisting employment figures, economy and health statistics are commonplace. We live in a technological ever-evolving, need to have instant info and gratification iPhone world where many are obsessed with social media, which has created a severely anxiety-filled Planet Earth. Toxic agendas are rampant, usually in politics. Remember, Jesus said: “A house divided cannot stand.”


So, where’s God in all that? For me: He’s Priority #1. The Real Deal is both a labor of love to write, as well as, a Divine assignment. Because of the enormous amount of inaccurate and/or extreme Bible teachings on TV, online and print, I was given this book project re: sound doctrine and some controversial topics. In other words, to weigh in i.e. set the record straight.